About Michelle

Hi, my name is Michelle, and I am delighted to welcome you to my website. I am proud to deliver digital marketing services and social media management to clients operating in a diverse range of industries throughout Dublin and the North East. I would love the opportunity to get to know your business too.

I am passionate about growing businesses online and thrive on the success my clients enjoy from targeted digital media campaigns. I launched my career as a digital marketing consultant with a vision to take a weight off my clients’ shoulders and help them take advantage of the power of strong digital brands.

A flair for digital marketing

I discovered I had a real flair for digital marketing in 2013 when I undertook a number of projects that helped to increase business brand awareness online. Not only was I receiving excellent feedback, but was achieving outstanding results, with one business receiving more than 9000 likes as a result of their social media campaign.

Achieving online success and helping people to grow their business filled me with profound satisfaction, leading me to undertake formal study in the area. Since then, I have completed a Certificate in Digital Marketing and Social Media Management from DKIT, and the Facebook Blueprint program to become a Certified Digital Marketing Associate. I regularly upskill, staying at the forefront of the latest digital trends to enhance my expertise and commitment to my clients and their digital brands.

My background

Prior to establishing my own business, I spent most of my career working with small and medium sized businesses across a diverse range of roles including Event Co-ordinator at Carlingford Tourism and Business Development Manager for a specialist company that delivered services to multinationals including Boston Scientific, Stryker and Allergan. Throughout my career I have also gained significant experience in health and safety, ISO quality implementation, purchasing, sales and staff training, giving me a broad knowledge of small business operations and requirements. As a result, I can offer a hands-on approach to your digital marketing and social media management that lets you get on with your core business.

For help with digital marketing and social media

If you need support to grow your online business, increase your brand awareness or training to show you how to manage your social profiles, I would be delighted to take your call and discuss your specific requirements. I can tailor a program to suit your business and help make a notable impact on your digital brand that translates into real results that you can see on your bottom line. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me to get started.

To discuss how I can help you manage your digital marketing or social media, or to find out more about customised social media training, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me.