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Creative content writing that speaks to your audience.

Looking to build a list of red-hot prospects with a high-conversion landing page? Or are you looking to create friendly, to-the-point website content that allows your site to stand out? Perhaps you’re even looking to create a series of helpful blogs to drive engagement for your business or range of products?

What if you had the perfect way of appealing to your audience, in exactly the right brand voice, while also getting measurable results?

At Michelle Rankin Marketing, we confidently connect your brand to your ideal audience – regardless of your industry or sector – with great copywriting and great (SEO-friendly) written content.

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It’s Words That Make the Sale

Ready to improve your site traffic? Or ready to deliver ever-increasing qualified lead conversions?

At Michelle Rankin Marketing, we create marketing assets for businesses that continue to deliver results – even long after the original investment – all thanks to key Content Marketing techniques. This is where businesses share all of that great content that helps to:

  • build relationships
  • generate leads
  • drive sales
  • inform both existing and potential clients of your brand messaging

Remember that Content Writing and Content Marketing are more than just writing fancy words… That means each well-crafted message should always be planned and deliberate. Likewise, every word, every sentence and every paragraph must exist for a reason – getting your prospect closer to the intended goal. And that’s precisely what we do – we’ll help you come up with the right message using the right words.

Delivering maximum impact for YOUR business.

What’s the Difference Between Content Writing and Copywriting?

Although we tend to use these terms interchangeably, there are some distinct differences you should know about when it comes to building the right sales or marketing strategy for your business.

Firstly, Copywriting is all about creating content that’s designed to sell, educate, or otherwise persuade consumers. If you want to directly sell or advertise your products or services, or get a reader to take a specific action – like subscribe to your email list or call you for more information – then you’re looking for a Copywriter.

This type of written content can be created in the form of whitepapers, sales pages, ads, and
“direct mail” email newsletters.

Secondly, Content Writing is all about producing written content that’s interesting and highly sharable to a specific group of readers.

This content is usually written with the specific aim to inform, educate, or inspire a target audience.
By producing this type of content, you’re not trying to directly push a sale onto the reader. As an alternative, you’re offering enjoyable and valuable content that benefits the reader – by design, this is always free, friendly, and helpful.

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We have used Michelle Rankin Marketing for content writing several times. From writing a few service pages to writing the full content for websites, Michelle’s content writing has always been excellent, affordable and completed on time. I would be happy to recommend Michelle’s  for content writing services.


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