Business is now global and it’s very largely due to the internet – we’ve already known that for a very long time. Now, your company may not necessarily need to compete with global competition, but gaining new customers on a more local level is becoming just as competitive.

Statistics have shown again and again, especially after the global pandemic, that many people primarily use search engines or social media to find businesses in their local area. If you don’t have some sort of an online presence, you’re unfortunately left behind.

Now, that’s not to say that you have to run your entire business over the internet to benefit from online business opportunities – you don’t. A simple first step or goal in digital marketing is to manage how your business is viewed online – it’s all about perception.

You could have the best products or services around, but if no one even knows about them online, you’re missing out on potential new business.

It’s no secret in the online world that if you have good reviews or feedback on platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, or Google for that matter, customers or clients are way more likely to reach out to you than any other method of offline advertising.

So, what’s the best way to getting a local business online?

Step 1 – Google My Business
The first step to getting your business online, is to create a Google My Business account.

Google is undoubtedly the mother of all search engines, so much so that “to Google” is now a legitimate verb in the English language – that’s why you should start here.

Through Google My Business, you can add your company profile, information on your products or services, and a contact telephone and/or email address. That way, your company is now present in the digital space, and your happy customers can begin giving you glowing reviews and recommendations on your products or services.

This also means that potential customers can also contact you directly through a Google search. Similarly, you can then interact with people online who may have questions about your business.

Step 2 – Social Media

The next step is to create social media profiles or pages for business through Facebook, LinkedIn, etc., so that you can build a community following. This way, you can show off your products, or announce sales or special deals to your potential clients – for free!

It’s worth noting though, that once you begin promoting your business online, it’s always good to ensure that you have a constant presence so that your target audience can interact as much as possible.

This is usually done by generating engaging content in the form of blogs, newsletters, photos or the social media posts themselves. Once your target audience knows that you’re active online, they’re more likely to engage, and then eventually become your customer.

Need help getting your business online?

You may feel intimidated by the constantly changing methods to stay in touch with your audience, or may simply just not have the time to constantly create engaging content.

That’s where I come in – I’m dedicated to working with our clients in order to achieve their online marketing goals.

I can tailor a dedicated plan for your business and help you to improve your online presence through the use of all of the major social media platforms – Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.
I will also look at optimising your website with Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), E-commerce, newsletters, blogs, Google Pay-Per-Click Advertising, AdWords, and data reporting using Google Analytics.

If you think I can help you with your business needs, send me a quick message today with your contact details and I will contact you with a view to setting up a free consultation that will be dealt with in the utmost confidentiality.