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Is your business part of a highly competitive industry? Professional SEO services can help to lift your website above the competition AND drive Page 1 results on Google.

At Michelle Rankin Marketing, I believe that SEO can make your digital marketing strategy stronger.

As well as providing comprehensive digital marketing support, we also create tailor-made Site Engine Optimisation strategies that help maximise your results. Drive high-quality traffic to your website. Measure your success with real data.

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SEO Ireland

What is SEO?

Search engine optimisation is all about helping potential customers connect with your business online by increasing your organic (unpaid!) search engine traffic. SEO services can be either a one-time thing, or an ongoing service aimed at giving you the best chance of visibility in the battle for that coveted top spot on Google’s search results page.

Why is it important?

Just think about it… how often have you chosen the fifth or sixth search result while looking for something on Google? Odds are, not very often.

That’s why SEO is key to your growth. By optimising your website and services using expert keyword placement and website
optimisation, you stand a better chance of ranking first on search engines like Google.

Types of SEO

There are many different types of website optimisation that we can tailor to suit your needs
–whether you’re a small local business or a national SME.

These include:

  • Technical – an analysis of your website’s technical aspects that impact its rankings (e.g., website speed, mobile friendliness, SSL/HTTPS security, etc.)
  • On-Page – optimisation of visible page elements that effect rankings (e.g., content headings, pages titles, meta descriptions, etc.)
  • Off-Page – optimisation of elements not directly related to the site itself (e.g., backlinks, social media, etc.)
  • Local SEO – improving your search rankings for your local geographical area (e.g., resolving Google search queries such as “best mechanics near me”, “plumbers in North Dublin”, etc.)

By implementing the right optimisation for your business, you can begin achieving better search engine rankings and more website traffic – ultimately generating you more business.

How does it work?

Our programme begins with an SEO audit that assesses your website in detail.
In this, we identify the key factors affecting your search engine visibility – this includes your website’s infrastructure, user experience (UX), link building, keyword research, content, and more.

Whether your target audience or market is local, national, or international, our SEO services can provide everything YOU need to create that competitive advantage.

Ready for more website leads? Search engine optimisation services are the foundation for any successful online marketing strategy, however, finding the right SEO provider can be a challenge. Let our trusted SEO experts simplify the process by designing a successful SEO strategy that fits your goals and budget.

Generate more leads for your business. Improve your marketing ROI. Drive your long-term success.

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