If I don’t post, what’s the big deal…? Do I NEED Social Media?

You go to the doctors and sure enough “she is a bit delayed, it’ll be about 20 minutes”. You sit down to wait patiently. One look at the pile of magazines stacked on the table since 2001 and the decision is made. You take out your phone and start scrolling through social media. So do billions of people in similar situations everyday. In the 21st century, waiting = social media. 

active on social media

Why It’s Important to be Active on Social Media

A friend of yours sharing a post made by your business online will reach hundreds more people than word of mouth. Neglecting social media marketing means you are missing lots of opportunities. 

Use social media as an opportunity to show off the experience you are providing. It is a chance to share reviews. A stage for your latest promotions and a platform to connect with your customers and prospects. You should be active on social media and embrace it. 

Before going mad and posting everywhere, think of the key places your target audience hangs out online. LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest or TikTok? The age ranges on each are broad but usually your target audience will fit more into one or two social platforms.

What I like to do

I like to schedule content across key platforms that fit my clients and their audiences. You can even use the business analytics on some platforms to get an idea of when to post and what content is doing the best. Facebook’s algorithms will consider you a spammer if you post more than twice per day. LinkedIn and Twitter value quality over quantity so take your time there. 

You want to promote a conversation. More comments, more likes and more shares. Always engage in the comment section and connect with your followers. People love your brand so show them some personality. If you’re not posting regularly you can fall away from the spotlight and be forgotten. Steady and consistent posting is key. 

Choose some platforms specifically, create a social media strategy and post on a regular schedule at peak times. 

Any questions you want to ask? Get in touch and I’d be delighted to help.