With the onset of the global pandemic caused by the Covid-19 virus, 2020 was undoubtedly a tough year for brick-and-mortar businesses.

Many companies in affected areas were hit hard with the realisation that while social-distancing measures were in place, they had no way to interact with potential clients or customers. To some companies, during those lean times, any ideas of building a presence online were the least of their worries.

It’s worth remembering though that in the world of business, thinking on your feet can mean the difference between sinking or swimming.

Those that managed to truly embrace the power of social media and other online tools, even the smallest of local businesses, have in a lot of cases even managed to thrive online.

The message is clear – now, more than ever, is the right time to grow your business online.

Now, you may find yourself thinking “But, I’ve never noticed any extra business coming from my online profiles before.”

You may have a Facebook page for your business – one that you’ve managed to update ‘every now and again’ – but this isn’t enough. As technology adoption rises, your customers’ expectations of your business will increase. Your customers will demand high-quality communication, more often than not through the internet and social media, as well as engaging content on a regular basis.

To become successful online, even on a local level, you need a digital strategy.

Digital Strategy

An up-to-date digital strategy should always be part of your ongoing business planning. Your digital strategy is your roadmap for how you will use digital technologies to enhance your business practices, increase your productivity, and grow your revenue.

Now, first off, there are some key components to any successful digital strategy – easily found through Google – but, depending on your business type and industry, some of these will be more or less relevant to you than others.

The most important thing overall though, is to remain competitive. It’s always a good idea to research other similar businesses in your industry to see how they use digital technologies, and aim to at least keep pace with what your competitors are doing.
The second most important thing is to focus on a digital media marketing strategy.

What is a digital media marketing?

Digital media marketing is the promotion of your business using online resources and tools.

Tools used in digital marketing include websites, mobile apps, and social media platforms. These may include online ads, search engine marketing, Facebook ads, LinkedIn ads, blogs, newsletters, email marketing, mobile banner ads, and eBooks.

So, what’s the easiest way to come up with a digital marketing strategy?
The answer here is clear – hire a Digital Media Marketing consultant to do the work for you.

As a digital marketing specialist, I can set up and manage your online presence, build brand awareness, create your social media platforms, create engaging content, schedule posts, boost and target posts, increase your audience growth throughout all social media platforms and keep them interacting with your social media pages.

As well as this, I can help you to build your digital marketing strategy through:
• SEO Content Creation Marketing.
• Email Marketing.
• Pay-per-click Advertising Online.
• Analysis and Implementation of customer data to identify new customers.

Why miss out online, and let your competitors gain the advantage?

Contact me today to discuss how I can help your business to not only grow online, but to thrive.